Wednesday, October 9, 2013

copyright: Thomas Males
Diptera ssp.
Copyright Thomas Males
Flies are true masters of flight, when you see one next time take some time to observe there amazing skills, they can land upside down in the sealing. They can track movements several times faster than we can. Anyway, this is what they might look like if you have very, very keen eye sight.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

copytright Thomas Males
Firebug ( Pyrrhocoris apterus )
Copyright Thomas Males
This was the first time I saw these bugs, It was actually Sarita, my girlfriend who spotted them. It's hard to imagine that it's difficult to see something this colorful, but they somehow manage to blend in pretty well, they dropped to the ground when I used the flash. They sure are vibrantly colored and I think they look like they have been painted. Macro is very difficult unless one is shooting inert objects, but also very rewarding when things work as it should.