Wednesday, October 9, 2013

copyright: Thomas Males
Diptera ssp.
Copyright Thomas Males
Flies are true masters of flight, when you see one next time take some time to observe there amazing skills, they can land upside down in the sealing. They can track movements several times faster than we can. Anyway, this is what they might look like if you have very, very keen eye sight.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

copytright Thomas Males
Firebug ( Pyrrhocoris apterus )
Copyright Thomas Males
This was the first time I saw these bugs, It was actually Sarita, my girlfriend who spotted them. It's hard to imagine that it's difficult to see something this colorful, but they somehow manage to blend in pretty well, they dropped to the ground when I used the flash. They sure are vibrantly colored and I think they look like they have been painted. Macro is very difficult unless one is shooting inert objects, but also very rewarding when things work as it should. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Skånelaholm castle IR
Copyright Thomas Males

This was taken a few days ago just north of Stockholm, It was a nice (but pink) castle that was a few hundred years old.

Skånelaholm castle IR
Copyright Thomas Males
I chose  monochrome for this picture.
It is taken from the remains of the pier, it's more than a hundred pictures that has been stitched in to one. It was a bit to much work I think and the picture didn't come out as good as I wanted it, but then again the pictures ore what ever I do ever come out as good as I want them too, and I guess a driving force is to try to improve my work.

copyright Thomas Males
 William aka Dad
Copyright Thomas Males
Old and new working together
This picture was taken this summer, using an old East German lens, post WWII, the Russians and the Western powers divided the factory in Jena, Germany, you might have heard about it, the Carl Zeiss industry.
Two factories emerged, East and West Carl Zeiss, some say that the west got the best of the factory, I'm not sure if that's true, the lenses from both ones are of the best quality, and the fact that some of the eastern ones lack multi coating is just a extra bonus for us taking UV-IR pictures (ultraviolet, infrared). My Dad has helped me by generating work with his books and pictures for his web sites.

In this picture I used B+W 092 filter, 4/25 Flektogon and a modified Canon 5D2, the skin colour is painted and would be about the same as the grass otherwise.

Monday, September 23, 2013

copyright Thomas Males
Slow worm (Anguis fragilis)
Copyright Thomas Males
This picture was taken about two weeks ago, and it was the first time I tried my new point and shoot camera. I think it's interesting to see the tongue that is forked, but not as much as in snakes.
Sadly we don't have many reptiles in Sweden so I try to make the most of my encounters. So just to clarify a slow worm is a lizard even though a leg-less lizard has similar body to that of a snake.

This could be an example of parallel evolution, leg-less lizard and snake (if I understand it right). I have yet to distinguish between convergent evolution and parallel evolution even though I have got the felling that in parallel e. they are related.
Copyright Thomas Males
Short-tailed vole (Microtus agrestis)
Copyright Thomas Males

I came across this rodent when I was nearly finished with my new compost, I was frustrated since it proved to be hard to get a descent picture, mostly because I didn't want to bring a flash down into the compost hole (I did need to clean my camera from sand afterwards). I kept it in a box until night, since  it was both magpies and a cat circling the compost interested in my find...this is taken with my latest camera a Canon 1D-X.
Horses Sälnaberg
Copyright Thomas Males

Hi my name is Thomas,
 I’m going to try to explain how I feel about pictures.                                                                                       
 I try to learn things in life by watching others, that seems to know what they are doing.                        
In photography is the feeling of a picture, that mostly fascinates me, how does he/she see that…. Before the picture is taken.                                                                                                                              
 This is some horses near my girlfriend’s house taken with a 092 b+w filter.
Horse Sälnaberg
Copyright Thomas Males
Infrared photography is very easy and very hard depending on the subject, lightning and such.
 It helps to have the hotmirror removed from the camera to.
It’s ok I admit it, I like to try out new toys, and getting older they tend to get more expensive.
 You really don’t need an expensive camera to take good pictures, you just need one that fits your needs (and budjet).