Monday, September 23, 2013

Horses Sälnaberg
Copyright Thomas Males

Hi my name is Thomas,
 I’m going to try to explain how I feel about pictures.                                                                                       
 I try to learn things in life by watching others, that seems to know what they are doing.                        
In photography is the feeling of a picture, that mostly fascinates me, how does he/she see that…. Before the picture is taken.                                                                                                                              
 This is some horses near my girlfriend’s house taken with a 092 b+w filter.
Horse Sälnaberg
Copyright Thomas Males
Infrared photography is very easy and very hard depending on the subject, lightning and such.
 It helps to have the hotmirror removed from the camera to.
It’s ok I admit it, I like to try out new toys, and getting older they tend to get more expensive.
 You really don’t need an expensive camera to take good pictures, you just need one that fits your needs (and budjet).



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