Tuesday, September 24, 2013

copyright Thomas Males
 William aka Dad
Copyright Thomas Males
Old and new working together
This picture was taken this summer, using an old East German lens, post WWII, the Russians and the Western powers divided the factory in Jena, Germany, you might have heard about it, the Carl Zeiss industry.
Two factories emerged, East and West Carl Zeiss, some say that the west got the best of the factory, I'm not sure if that's true, the lenses from both ones are of the best quality, and the fact that some of the eastern ones lack multi coating is just a extra bonus for us taking UV-IR pictures (ultraviolet, infrared). My Dad has helped me by generating work with his books and pictures for his web sites.

In this picture I used B+W 092 filter, 4/25 Flektogon and a modified Canon 5D2, the skin colour is painted and would be about the same as the grass otherwise.

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